The Top 3 Tips to Enhance Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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May 31, 2017
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Your phone is your rock – you use it all day, every day. And sometimes, you’re simply not near a charger…so what do you do when your iPhone battery notifies you that you only have 20% left and you still need to make a couple calls and use Google Maps to get yourself home…?

The experts at YouriSource have compiled a short list of the top 3 battery saving tricks and tips to get you out of a rough patch.

Dim the brightness

By far one of the most battery draining features on a smartphone is the screen brightness – the brighter the screen is and the longer it is bright and active, the quicker your battery will completely drained! Auto-brightness settings can be convenient if you have easy access to a quick charge, but it is time to take your screen’s brightness into your own control on those last few dire percentage points.

Both iPhones and Android Smartphones allow quick adjustment to your screen’s brightness – and by the way, turning the brightness all the way down in a low-light setting allows you to still read your text messages just fine!

If you’re running iOS 7, one of the most convenient new features of the operating system is the control panel which you can access by simply swiping in an upwards motion from the bottom of any screen on your iPhone. With easy screen brightness control with one swipe, iOS7 has made it easy to adjust your phone’s brightness level whenever you feel fit.

If you’re not running iOS 7, simply visit the Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness panel and set your adjustments from there. On your Android device, visit Settings -> Display and click Brightness to manually adjust your settings.

Another tip regarding screen brightness to save battery life is to make sure your phone screen shuts off shuts off within – instead of allowing your screen to remain bright for minutes at a time, adjust it to 30 seconds or less so that when you are inactive in using your phone, it won’t drain your battery even further.

Limit Notifications

Our smartphones are designed to keep us up-to-date, on the minute, all the time – aren’t they?! Well, yes…but sometimes, you still need your phone to act like just a phone and make an important phone call, especially when you have 5% battery…and that does not typically end well.

Typically, your smartphone or iPhone device may be set to automatically retrieve new notifications and alerts via Push Notifications. Switch this to “fetch” in your mail settings to limit the number of times your phone attempts to contact with the server to deliver the latest messages.

Some games and other applications may send you frequent notifications…if you are receiving too many of these, this could be a reason your iPhone is dying quickly. Simply go to Settings -> Notification Center on your iPhone device to turn off those pesky, battery-draining messages.

On an Android device, save your smartphone’s battery by accessing the settings panel for each individual application to turn off notifications to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Connect when you need to

Another huge drain on your iPhone’s battery life includes the constant connection to virtually every source possible – WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth and now with iOS 7, AirDrop. To save percentage points at critical times, limit your connection to what you NEED and turn off the others! If you’re not anticipating an AirDropped photo anytime soon, simply turn off your connectivity to the feature. If you’re not in a WiFi area, your phone may still continuously search for connections so be sure to evaluate this in your settings panel.
And if you’re out on a night on the town and down to the last few minutes of battery life, extend that time by putting your phone in Airplane mode and turning it off of Airplane mode when you need to make a phone call or send a text message to a friend you lost a few hours ago…

When all else fails…

Sometimes, even by using all of the latest tips and tricks for saving your iPhone or smartphone’s battery life, your battery simply needs to be replaced. On the bright side, this is a much more cost effective way to repair your phone. This is where YouriSource comes into play – offering the best and most convenient service to replace your iPhone battery. With YouriSource smartphone battery replacement, have a brand new battery installed in your phone at a location convenient for you!

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