Put down that Blackberry! What is this, 2004?

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May 31, 2017
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May 31, 2017
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Put down that Blackberry! What is this, 2004?

Apple iPhones have become the primary means of communication for small business owners worldwide. With PDF capabilities, Microsoft Word, and the highest privacy standards (to mention a few) iPhones are solidifying their place as the new business standard. As a small business owner myself, I know I would be lost without the versatility, computing power, and functionality of my iPhone. That’s why when my iPhone is having trouble, it’s not just my personal calls being compromised, the entire business is put in jeopardy.

From yogurt shops to Fortune 500 companies, iPhones are being used everyday for:

Important customer emails
International calling
Seamless iMessaging services
Document review
Critical research
And so much more

At YouriSource.com, our hands-on employees specialize in getting small business owners back to work the same day their iPhone calls in sick.

Don’t spend valuable time waiting in line at the Apple store when you need repairs. We’ll come to your place of business and have your iPhone back to work in 30-minutes or less guaranteed.

Call us now if your iPhone suffers:

A cracked or shattered screen
Water damage
Battery failure or charging issues
Camera troubles (both front or rear facing)
Headphone jack failure
Home button delay or non-responsive home button
Microphone malfunctions
Or any other functionality issues

View our entire list of iPhone repair services here.

We even repair non-Apple smartphones, including Samsung and Blackberry (yes, Blackberry)

Business owners know that their customers need them on a moment’s notice. So whether you run a retail shop or legal service, you can’t afford to leave your storefront and lose valuable business.

Don’t let your company suffer any longer. YouriSource is here to help.


YouriSource is open for business. We offer iPhone unlocking services, computer repairs, iPhone color conversions, iPad repair, iPod repair, XBox repair, PlayStation repair, and more.

We also buy and sell iPhones for the best prices in Florida. Call us today at (561) 727-0030.

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