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Put down that Blackberry! What is this, 2004?
May 31, 2017
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Its time to put the past behind you. A broken smartphone screen is like an embarrassing scar; youre reminded of it everyday you have to explain it to your friends, and you just wish it could just go away once and for all.

That hasnt stopped some of the younger generation of iPhone users from proudly showing off their cracked smartphone screens as a sign of uniqueness – and they have the glass in their fingers to prove it. So before claiming a crack as a social statement, its important to know that a shattered smartphone screen can have costly – even dangerous – consequences, including:

1) Cracked screens make the smartphone more susceptible to water damage.

2) A cracked LCD screen lets in dirt, dust, and other environmental irritants that will haywire your electronics and reduce overall functionality.

3) Broken glass ruins the touch-screen technology (the reason you bought your smartphone in the first place).

4) And shattered iPhone screens can lodge small pieces of glass in your hands and face, resulting in bleeding, scarring, and even hundreds in medical costs.

Thanks to the door-to-door mobile repair services of,
these scars are now easy to fix. Well come to your home or office and repair your phone to perfect health in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.

Take Alexa, 24, for example. She almost paid $600 for a replacement iPhone 4S after
dropping her smartphone on the pavement while walking her dog.

When I got the price quote at the Apple Store, I almost cried, she said, theres just no way I could afford another phone. I called YouriSource and they came to my home the same day and replaced my front glass for only $75 – and now it works good as new!

If your cracked iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphone or tablet has an embarrassing screen crack, the professionals at will replace the glass with same-day mobile repairs.

P.S. YouriSource doesnt just do Apple products! Bring in your Samsung Galaxy S3, S4,
Note 2, or any other major smartphone for water damage, screen replacements, color changing, unlocking, battery replacement, and more.

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